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Our vision

We strive to be the highest algser company and the best performance in the sector of public contracting and construction and the work of good projects with high efficiency and satisfy all customers and customers in all the services provided

Our aspirations

Working through the participation in the implementation of some mega projects that help to rise and a great responsibility in the reconstruction of the country and march towards a prosperous future and the gradual transition from local to regional

Our goals

To be one of the pillars of Libya under the urban development witnessed by Libya in the field of general contracting and at the forefront of construction companies and real estate investment and keep pace with modern developments

Work system

The management of the company is keen to directly supervise all stages of implementation of the work. And thus the speed of delivery while ensuring the high quality of implementation through field follow-up of projects

Where success has been found, there have been perseverance in solidarity with one another so that the work can be done in full and on time
We at algser have been successful since the beginning, so we chose the best existing partners Bridge Company Construction and EngineeringIn order to come together side by side in our difficult journey in various fields and experiences we were able to achieve what others failed to achieve, by blending different fields, our company had its own touch that characterized it

xperienced Project Managers, Engineers, Administrative staff and on-site supervisors were recruited

Thus a highly experienced specialist team was created so as to implement large construction projects inside and outside Libya. The team is able to efficiently handle the most demanding and rigorous projects to the highest standards. In addition ALGASR CONSTRUCTION works with a number of project consultants to ensure that all the projects are completed to the highest standards.These improvements have enabled ALGASR CONSTRUCTION to successfully secure a significant number of tenders and projectssuch as residential units and modern administrative centers in Libya. ALGASR CONSTRUCTION is now in a position to undertake, cooperate and successfully complete any construction project in the Libyan construction field . 
Maintenance project for Arab Unity School Maintenance project for Arab Unity School Brega area. The owner (Secretariat of Education Ajdabiya) Brega area. Contractual value (3.50000) three hundred and fifty thousand
The construction and implementation of building real estate registration Ajdabiya The construction and implementation of building real estate registration Ajdabiya. The owner (Ministry of Land Registration - Tripoli) The city of Ajdabiya. Contractual value (2,700,000) and two million seven hundred thousand dinars.
The construction and implementation of a number of 100 housing units The construction and implementation of a number (100) housing units the owner (the Savings Bank and real estate investment - Tripoli) Computing area \ city of Tobruk. (9,500,000) nine million five hundred thousand dinars
Maintenance Project Clinic Alrmsaha Maintenance project Alrmush Clinic. Azwaitina. The owner. (Health Secretariat Ajdabiya) Azwaitina area. Contractual value (4.7000) Forty-seven thousand dinars

TLGSER company is the authorized agent in Libya for Terazid Paints Company

 TERAZID EOOD is a leading manufacturer of top quality European paints, plasters and insulating materials

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Main Office : Qarqarish - wahaat center - Tripoli
Branch : Jamal abd naser Street - Ajaidabai
00218913823456 - 00218912204176 - 00218911500316
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